Social Media

The rise of social media is a definite game changer for digital marketing. You connect with peers and customers in a friendly low-pressure situation, and you can take away volumes of information about customers’ needs and wants. Each site operates differently, but by adding your business to the top three social media sites, you expand your reach exponentially.

How Are the Social Media Sites Different From Each Other?

  • Facebook

    Facebook is an excellent platform for those in network marketing. Creating a group of friends, colleagues, and interested family members who will help share your Facebook business page is an excellent way to branch out with minimal effort and nearly no cost.

  • Instagram

    There is a reason the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is still relevant. Instagram is an ideal way to work on the lifestyle side of network marketing. Post the images of your last holiday or you surprising mum with a new car. These can entice others to want to work for the same goal. It also provides proof positive that your work pays off.

  • Twitter

    The marketing efficiency you gain from a Twitter account is nearly impossible to match. It is the perfect platform for business announcements, sharing special promotions, or just passing on pertinent information to your followers. Because the number of characters is limited, you can quite literally spend 60 seconds tweeting something that could reach thousands or millions of your followers worldwide.

Creating business profiles for social media sites could be one of the simplest ways for you to grow your business.
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