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I’m one of Australia’s leading authorities on SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing.

After taking Kitchen Warehouse from a startup to Australia’s largest online kitchenware retailer in only 5 years, I founded Digital Hitmen in 2016.

I now work with a handful of select clients to improve their SEO, website design, social media marketing, paid search and other digital marketing strategies.

If you want more traffic to your website, view the digital marketing services I offer, or visit Digital Hitmen for client testimonials, previous work, online marketing tips and more.

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WooCommerce vs Shopify vs Squarespace

My Top SEO Tactics

With 14+ years in the SEO industry, I have a wealth of knowledge in on-page, off-page and technical SEO. I share my top tricks and tips to help you drive more traffic to your website.

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My Definitive Guide to E -commerce Success

My Definitive Guide To E -Commerce Success

If you are looking for helpful information as well as tips and methods to build your internet business, this manual is a valuable resource you need.

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Yoni Pleasure Palace
– Rosie Rees, Yoni Pleasure Palace

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The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving at a frantic pace. Few, if any, business owners have the free time that is needed to oversee their online campaigns. That is why my clients depend on me to keep their websites running like clockwork. Contact me to discuss how I can help you reach the pinnacle of your industry.

Online Flooring Store

The Online Flooring Store is an example of how my top-notch web design helped a client grow exponentially. The graph tells the story of how much difference excellent web design makes.


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I Want to Have an Online Presence
I’m Building My Website
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I’m Building My Website

How Can I Help

How SEO Can Help When Building Your Web Site

A strong online presence begins with a five-star website. I have extensive experience building websites. Additionally, I will be guiding social media accounts, managing email marketing, and optimising your website, so it reaches the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. I will also be balancing your advertising to ensure you have a significant return on your investment.

How Can I Help

How SEO Can Help When Building Your Web Site

In any building project, you want to lay the foundation that will position you for success as the work advances. This logic applies to building a website, too. By starting with a solid SEO strategy, killer keywords, and an understanding of the user experience, your website will have the foundation it needs to support massive future growth.

How Can I Help

How SEO Can Help When Building Your Web Site

Generating leads is of the utmost importance as you work to build your business. I have spent well over a decade helping businessowners, like yourself, create lists of leads. There are numerous ways to develop leads, and based on your business, I may use several. Most importantly, these leads are ready to convert site visits into sales.

How Can I Help

How SEO Can Help When Building Your Web Site

Building a website is a job for experts. (After all, you would not hire a pastry chef to build a Granny Flat.) I start by creating a solid foundation for your site and then build up using SEO to put your website on the map. From there, my extensive knowledge of Google’s algorithm guides me as I create fantastic user experiences for your customers and the keywords that will get eyes on your page.

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