Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Posted by Brad Russell
13 Dec, 2018
In what ways will web design influence Digital Marketing in 2019?

What’s in Store for 2019?

The online marketplace is constantly in motion. Rapid technological advances assure that businesses are never in the position of resting on yesterday’s strategies. Each new day is an opportunity to build on past successes or tumble to the bottom of the batch.

The ability to prepare for new trends in digital marketing is critical for success for businesses of all sizes. As 2018 comes to a close, it is time to explore the biggest ways to make an impact through digital marketing in 2019.


While social media was once a playground for the younger generations, it is a staple that now includes everyone from the teenager sacking your groceries to your Great Uncle Gus. Staying relevant and making good use of advertising dollars are critical here.


  1. Video – Savvy marketing experts will take advantage of the many ways video lends itself to a thriving social media presence. The largest platforms offer video ads and opportunities to reach a highly targeted customer base that is already quite accustomed to watching video.
  2. Social Media Influencers – While some digital marketers shy away from the mega engagers on social media, the aid of someone with a voice who regularly reaches thousands of potential customers is a solid idea. A whopping 84% of consumers believe recommendations from a trusted source. That number is too large to ignore.
  3. Instagram – Even though Instagram is a part of the social media universe, it has an impact so large that it is a trend unto itself. Here are a few reasons you cannot afford to ignore Instagram.


Recent changes to Google’s algorithm have added to the challenge of SEO; but have not eliminated the importance of a well-planned plan to keep your business at the top of the search page.

Search Engine Optimisation Stats


While it is true that digital marketing evolves with advances in technology, tried and true methods do not automatically fall by the wayside in response to changes. Rather, strategies like SEO are altered and tweaked on a regular basis.

  • Because 80% of online searchers will only look at the first result page of a search, SEO needs to maintain a predominant place in every digital marketing strategy.
  • Effective SEO will improve your site’s traffic. Additionally, the web page improvements necessary to bolster your page’s SEO will enhance your customers’ experience and your conversion rate.
  • Considering the fact that 93% of all interactions and experiences online begin with a search engine, it is essential to maintain a strong and proactive SEO plan.
  • Voice search is quickly becoming the biggest SEO change in 2019 and beyond.
  • Even though businesses pay for ads on the first results page of a search engine, between 70-80% of all consumers report that they routinely ignore the paid advertisements.


It is no secret that great looking websites are important for the global marketplace. Much as you would want a brick and mortar storefront to appeal to your customer base, you need the same for the web page that is the online face of your organisation. Even though excellent content is a pillar of website design, there are other trends that are coming to the forefront in 2019.

Good web design continues to trend in 2019


  1. Visual Search – In 2017, Pinterest and Google delivered a cutting-edge piece of technology called LENS. The program works via the camera and allows users a point and shoot search option. In essence, this is almost a reverse of the traditional search. Instead of typing a query and finding an answer in the form of an image, users snap the image of whatever they are curious about and get an explanation in text. Visual search already is an impactful part of digital marketing. Here are a few facts about visual search:
    • Approximately ¾ of Internet users turn to visual content before committing to a purchase. In contrast, only 3% never use visual content to influence a purchase.
    • Visual Search is the most impactful component for consumers searching for gifts online.
    • Adults spend about 3.5 hours a day on their mobile devices. The short duration of time online paired with small screens makes this kind of search an ideal method for shoppers using visual as opposed to text.
    • There is an innate efficiency tied to visual searches because the human mind can sort out images a lot faster than text.
  2. Enhanced Mobile Performance – Gearing your website for use in the ever-expanding world of mobile Internet use is quickly becoming imperative. The number of consumers using their mobile devices to conduct searches is at roughly 52% in 2018. This is up from 43% in 2016. Additionally, experts predict that this number will grow seven-fold by 2021. Other indicators of increased mobile search include:
    • If you doubt the necessity of a web page built for mobile use, look no further than the ‘experiment’ Google launched in early 2018. It is called the Mobile First Index, and it signals a shift in the weight the search engine giant places on the mobile capabilities of your web page.
    • Another sign of excellent web design for mobile search is the predominance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in mobile page coding. AMP speeds your site’s responsiveness, so your potential customers are not left watching a spinning circle instead of getting the information they need
  3. Creative Typography – No matter how your customers view your page, how your page looks still matters. However, there are some trending changes that relate to how you get your message to those visiting your page. Visitors will usually spend several seconds to a minute on your page, so you must make the most of your opportunity to engage them. In the past, clickable images and large buttons dominated the landscape of web pages. In the new year, these will make way for sites with cleaner lines, white space, and bold fonts in a variety of colours and typeface. These changes allow consumers to quickly read over the information on the page unencumbered by chaotic hero images and the like. Making a visit to your site enjoyable and informative will keep consumers on your page longer and increase the chances of a conversion.

As you can see, the details and pace required for maintaining a successful digital marketing strategy are tremendous. If you are constantly monitoring your marketing and adjusting elements as needed, when will you find time to oversee the other important facets of your business?

A professional with experience and skills in the arena of digital marketing can take the responsibility off of your shoulders and at the same time, boost your business to levels you only dreamed were possible.

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