Top 7 Reasons Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

Who wouldn’t want to become a successful home-based entrepreneur and have the luxury of scheduling their own days? Why have you had so much trouble getting people to join your network marketing business. Why can’t they see what a great opportunity it is?

Here’s the top seven reasons why people won’t join your network marketing business.

1. Lack of Professionalism and Credibility

People prefer to buy from businesses that act professionally and appear credible because it reassures them that they will get what they are promised. When consumers shop, they have fear of regretting their purchase or being scammed. Businesses must assuage that fear enough for the consumer to buy from them. One of the most powerful ways to eliminate a buyer’s fears and concerns is to maintain a professional storefront and prove you’re credible.

How you go about this depends on what type of business you have. For instance, an Internet-based business shows professionalism through good website design, content free of grammar and spelling errors, and a strong digital footprint (through social media, additional websites/blogs and carefully crafted, meaningful content). These three things help your business appear more credible.

Additional ways to add credibility to your website are displaying awards you have won, major media outlets that have featured your work, and showcasing happy customer testimonials such as these with Isagenix:

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If you’re new to network marketing, however, you won’t have those three things yet. You must rely on a professional website design, high quality content, and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

2. They Don’t Have the Drive or Desire to Start Network Marketing

The only reason on this list that you have no control over is this one. Some people don’t have the drive or desire to start network marketing. Although you can help motivate and inspire others, at the end of the day, whether or not they take action relies on them. An individual must keep themselves motivated to work on their business every day. When the initial excitement of network marketing wears off, they must remain dedicated to putting in the work regardless of how they feel.

It’s easy to think that successful network marketers are motivated all the time, but that’s not true. Everyone goes through periods of lower motivation. What makes the difference is some people have learned how to regain their motivation and know that they need to continue implementing their plan regardless of how motivated they feel.

When you talk to prospects, pay attention to how ambitious and attentive they are. It sounds harsh to some, but the reality is you’re not going to get lazy or unambitious people to join your network marketing business. Even if they do join, they will quit within a month or two. Instead of spending time trying to make them join, you could talk to the people who are highly motivated and driven. You’ll have a higher success rate with these prospects.

Never pigeonhole someone because you don’t think they will be interested in the opportunity. They might be looking for more money to pay off some debts, more time to spend with their young family, or simply want to set themselves up for retirement. You may not know their exact circumstances. People join network marketing for a variety of reasons.

Here’s what network marketing means to a collection of successful Isagenix associates:

3. Failure to Follow Up

Most people will not buy your product or become a distributor the first time they make contact with you. It often takes multiple touchpoints for a consumer to convert. Don’t just wait for interested prospects to contact you again; follow up with them on your own. Also follow up with potential distributors who turned you down but showed an interest in starting a network marketing business.

You should wait at least 30 days before following up with someone who rejected your offer. It’s good to give them a few months before asking again if they’re interested in joining your network marketing business. Their circumstances that originally prevented them from joining could change. However, be careful to not annoy people either. If someone rejects your offer, ask them for permission to follow up in a specific amount of time.

Those who are interested in joining your network marketing business but are unable to for one reason or another will usually say “yes” when you ask for permission to follow up. This tactic allows you to recruit distributors who would have otherwise been lost if you had given up at the first “no”. Always take a person’s reasons for not joining the network marketing business into consideration. It’ll give you clues as to whether or not there’s a chance you can eventually get them to join and how to overcome their barriers to getting started.


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4. You’re Talking Too Much About Yourself

Stop Talking About YourselfAttempting to recruit someone to your network marketing business isn’t much different than trying to sell a product or service. You’re selling them an opportunity to generate wealth through network marketing. Just as you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself or your business when selling products and services, you should avoid focusing on yourself when trying to recruit MLM distributors.

Potential recruits want to know what’s in it for them. They want to know how network marketing can improve their lives. You should figure out what they want in life, then illustrate how your offer gets them what they want. Another problem with talking too much is it can cause potential recruits to become confused or experience information overload. It’ll be more difficult for them to make a decision if they feel overwhelmed with all the details.

5. The Products are Overpriced

Not only will you have trouble selling the company’s products if they’re overpriced, you’ll have a difficult time recruiting people too. Most MLM companies require a small upfront payment or membership fee to join in order to send you the products. This makes it harder to recruit others than if it were free to get started. Moreover, it’s not merely a business of recruiting. You should be selling the products because it’s easier to make sales than to recruit distributors.

The majority of people won’t be interested in a business opportunity for one reason or another. More people will be willing to buy the products, however, if it’s a good product at the right price. Unsure of whether or not your company’s products are overpriced? Compare the cost to competitor products. You could also survey people and ask for their opinions. If most people you survey think it’s overpriced or say they wouldn’t buy it, then it’s probably too expensive. Unfortunately, you’ll have to switch network marketing companies if you discover this is the problem you’re having.

6. You’re Not Talking to Enough People

Never Give UpWe all probably know at least one person who gave up on network marketing after not seeing results within a month. Most people are uncomfortable with rejection. It’s hard for them to keep pushing forward when they’ve been told “no”. In the beginning, you may only have 1 in 100 leads convert. That means you’re rejected 99 times. With the Internet, these rejections aren’t so obvious as having a door shut in your face. Yet, they lack of results is still discouraging to many people.

You must learn how to accept the fact that not everyone you talk to will buy your product or sign up. Even the best network marketers need to talk to a lot of people to make sales and obtain new recruits. With their skill and expertise, they have higher success rates than beginners, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience rejection too. They’ve just realised it comes with not only business but life in general. And the faster you move on from the no’s, the sooner you’ll find a yes.

7. You’re New to Network Marketing

When you’re new to network marketing and don’t have sales or marketing experience, it will likely be challenging to get people to join your network marketing business. You’ll need to work on developing your marketing and sales skills in order to improve your conversion and recruitment rates. It’s normal to not get many recruits in the beginning, so don’t feel discouraged by it. Frequently ask your sponsor questions that you have about MLM and continue putting in the work. You won’t gain experience and develop your skills by not practicing after all.

Reading, while helpful, only takes a person so far. In every field, you need to put the books down and implement what you’ve learned to truly master it. Network marketing is no exception. You’ll make mistakes, but you’ll learn well through experience. Be patient with yourself and give it some time. Remember you have a sponsor to guide you throughout the process. As long as you stick with it, you will have no problem attracting both customers and recruits to your network marketing business.


Not everyone you come across will be as excited about network marketing as you are. Yes, it’s a wonderful opportunity, but many people have internal barriers to pursuing the lifestyle they secretly want. If you lack professionalism and credibility, people won’t trust you enough to give MLM a try. Being scammed is a real threat both online and offline. The seven reasons listed above are the top reasons people won’t join your network marketing business. You can do something about all of them, except for when a person has no desire to become a network marketer. Know how to tell when someone isn’t interested, so you can quickly move on to the next person.