As SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and E-Commerce Manager for Kitchenware Direct, I took the company from a small family-run business to one of Australia’s largest e-commerce sites in the space of five years.

I’m focusing on my own network marketing projects now, but I still love to help small businesses grow. Here you’ll find news, tips and resources I’ve compiled on finding success with what I believe is the single most important marketing strategy for small businesses.

Friday, Feb 17, 2017

8 SEO Mistakes That Could Get Your Website Penalised or Banned

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Digital Hitmen LogoSome SEO tactics that you’ll come across seem like great ideas, but will harm your rankings in the long run. Be aware of the SEO mistakes that could get your website penalised or banned and ensure you only pay reputable SEO consultants to improve your rankings. I’ve recently launched my own digital agency, Digital Hitmen, and offer a range of SEO consulting services.

To prevent your website from being penalised or banned in the search engines, here are eight SEO mistakes you should avoid.

Please note: this article is intended for SEO beginners. For more advanced SEO tactics please contact me with any questions you have.

1. Submitting Your Website to Low Quality Directories

While researching search engine optimisation, you may have come across advice to submit your website to directories. In the earlier days of SEO, submitting links to tons of directories was a surefire tactic to improve rankings. Google has since decreased the importance of backlinks from directories and goes as far as to penalise sites that have too many low quality backlinks. You should only submit your website to high quality (and relevant) directories that don’t allow poor quality links and have real humans review the links for quality control.

2. Article Spinning

Do not use spammy SEO tacticsArticle spinning is a technique in which a person makes small adjustments to the wording of an article and then publishes several versions on different websites. There is article spinning software that simplifies the process.

Around nine years ago, this was a popular SEO tactic but it no longer works on Google because they’ve caught up to the fact that this was just producing a lot of low quality (crappy) content on the web. Take the time to create good quality content.

3. Using the Same Anchor Text Too Much

Anchor text is the text used for a clickable link. For example, if you want to link to an article on the best football players in Australia, you’ll probably want to choose a phrase like “best football players” or “Australian football players” in another article. Linking to other articles you have written is important for good SEO. However, if you use the same anchor text over and over again, it sends a red flag to Google. It will look like you’re trying to game the system to rank for that term. To prevent this from happening, use different anchor text when creating multiple links to the same article. This might include generic terms such as “click here” or “view more information”. Aim for a mix of generic and related anchor text across several sites.

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Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

How to Establish Your Website as an Authority

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One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a new online business owner is earning the trust of visitors. How authoritative a website is will influence your conversion rates and number of sales. Once you have established your website as an authority in your niche, people will naturally be attracted to you. It will be as if a barrier was removed between you and your customers.

If you want to establish your website as an authority, implement the following tips:

Regularly Post New Content on Your Website

Regularly posting new content on your website increases search engine traffic and visibility. To stay consistent you must create a content schedule and stick to it. For example, you may choose to post two new articles every week. Schedule those tasks in your calendar or planner.

Content is King

How often you publish new content on your site depends on your niche, how much time you have to work on your business, and how established you already are. If you’re new to online business or your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, it’s better to post new content more frequently. Usually, only established websites can get by on a few posts per month. Though some of them post less frequently, they stay consistent in the schedule they created for themselves.

Regularly updating your website with new content helps your website become an authority by improving its SEO (search engine optimisation) and showing a professional, reliable image to readers. Customers want businesses to be consistent because it gives them reassurance of what to expect.

Tip: Get on the first page of Google with my SEO consulting services

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Friday, Jan 29, 2016

Intelligent, Well-Planned Rebranding Increased My Site’s Traffic by 105%

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Traffic = Financial Rewards

The Internet is a big, scary place. According to, it’s currently comprised of over 960 million websites – roughly 1 website to every 7 or 8 people in the world.

Businesses Fight Over TrafficWith so many websites, it’s no wonder that businesses fight tooth and nail for every last pageview and traffic source. Increasing your site’s traffic can have big financial rewards, from increased sales to improved brand recognition. I discovered this when I honed my SEO skills at Kitchenware Direct for 5 years.

In my industry, network marketing, your personal brand is tantamount to your business’s brand. All of the traits that you’d like associated with your business – quality, trustworthiness, and appeal – have to resonate in your image and how potential clients and team members perceive you. And as newcomers to network marketing look for guidance from established industry leaders, it’s critical for your site to be visible in the battle for traffic.

Faced with some stiff competition in my native Australia and inspired by relevant posts on and other SEO sites, I decided to do a reboot of my personal site in August 2015. My goal was to make the site more appealing, tie up loose ends, and focus on my blog as a platform for generating traffic. I used a number of tools to assist me; which can be found on my list of recommended online marketing and SEO tools.


The main point that I wanted to hammer home with my new site was my success with Isagenix, one of the top network marketing companies in the world. Since starting my business, IsaTonic, I’ve maintained consistent success as the #1 distributor of Isagenix products in Australia and New Zealand.

I did some keyword research and focused on keywords like “network marketing,” “network marketing Australia,” and keywords specific to my brand like “Brad Russell”. Conscious of avoiding keyword-stuffing, I made sure that my website content and blog posts prioritised good writing and useful information. If there’s one lesson I learned from the previous iteration of my site, it’s that good SEO rankings are not valuable if the site’s content is a turn-off.

To present an effective unified front, I worked hard to make sure that my branding was consistent between my website and social media pages. I chose an image that I thought would be enticing to people interested in the self-employed lifestyle and deployed it across all platforms:

Lifes a Beach

Life’s a beach when you’re working from home.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Love Helping Small Businesses Grow

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SEO for Small Businesses

I often get asked by friends, family and people that find my blog via Google to help them with their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In the past I’ve helped with the SEO for a number of small businesses including:

  1. My ownSwish Plastic, Buji Tea and my various network marketing businesses such as Isagenix, Kyani and Nerium.
  2. Perth Foot Centre – Specialist Podiatrist Perth (including specialist foot surgery and other procedures)
  3. Window Tinting Perth Now – Perth’s premier window tinting company
  4. Fast Melbourne TowingTowing services in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria
  5. Bibra Lake Soils – Selling soils, mulch, sand etc in Perth’s southern suburbs
  6. Vivo Marketing – Melbourne based digital marketing agency


The Impact SEO Has on Traffic and Revenue

In my opinion, SEO is the single most important marketing avenue for most small businesses. I’m astonished when I see businesses of all shapes and sizes not consider the impact that a low number of visitors from Google can have on their bottom line. With a few small tweaks their SEO rankings can easily be improved!

The businesses above, as well as ones that I have worked on previously, have seen a jump in traffic of anywhere from 30-200%. What’s even more important; this traffic is of higher quality and ultimately converts to more sales. SEO pays off – many times over.

If your business is on page 2 of Google, it won’t get nearly as much traffic as those businesses that are found on the upper half of page 1. Consider the following study from Advanced Web Ranking (published by Marketing Land) in 2014. Position #1 in Google gets 31% of all clicks. Position #2 gets approximately half that (14%). Position #3 just 9.85%.

ALL of page 2 gets just 3.99% of clicks and ALL of page 3 gets just 1.6%! If you’re not in position #5 on page 1 or higher, forget it!

Impact of Google Rankings on Click Through Rates

Impact of Google Rankings on Click Through Rates

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Monday, Jan 13, 2014

Beat Your Competition Using Schema.Org

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Higher Click Through Rates

As the SEO and E-Commerce Manager at Kitchenware Direct – I’ve just implemented a new feature on our site. While we previously had Schema.Org markup on all our product pages, we now have it on our top brand pages too (with implementation to follow for our smaller brands).

How does this affect us? Higher CTR in Google! Imagine seeing the organic listing for Scanpan below. With a high average rating and a huge number of reviews, as a customer you’re much more likely to click on this result than one of our competitors. Studies have proven that this increases CTR by up to 30%!


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Thursday, Oct 18, 2012

Tuesday’s Top 5 Tips @ Pubcon 2012

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Being the SEO and E-Commerce Manager at Kitchenware Direct has its perks. For one, I got to attend Pubcon 2012 in Las Vegas (not a bad week of work…).

The main sessions at Pubcon kicked off with a bang yesterday. Robert Cialdini’s keynote was the best I’ve witnessed at any conference, ever. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there in person, Lisa Barone wrote some great notes on The Principles of Persuasion.

Besides Cialdini, there was some great speakers on the day (my personal favourite being Tim Ash of SiteTuners).

Here’s my top 5 tips from Pubcon Tuesday

  1. Add social media links on your order confirmation page (increase social conversions in this increasingly social world)
  2. Bill Hunt states that 53% of users click on Google’s first organic result (aim high!)
  3. Use loss language to create scarcity. E.g. “See what you’ve been missing” rather than “New”
  4. Use exclusivity of information to drive conversions and traffic (“I just got this white paper today – its not even published yet!”)
  5. Remove sliding homepage banners – they’re distracting!

Can’t wait for the rest of the Pubcon sessions!

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Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

Reputation Management by Andy Beal @ Pubcon 2012

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10 Steps to Killer Reputation Management

Andy Beal kicked off the workshops at Pubcon Vegas 2012 in the SEO track in fine style (he was actually my favourite speaker of the day). Andy is the CEO of the social media monitoring tool Trackur – check it out if you haven’t already, it’s pretty neat. What I loved about Andy’s presentation was that he gave a quick overview of the companies and blogs he is associated with, but he didn’t harp on about them (despite a cheeky, not-so-subtle plug half way through the presentation).

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Monday, Jul 02, 2012

My Favourite SEO Blogs & Tools

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Blog of an E-Commerce Manager

As SEO and e-commerce manager of a large online retailer, I often get asked by friends and colleagues what my favourite SEO resources are. There are a number of sites that I use and refer to on a daily basis. They’re a great place to start when learning the basics (and more advanced topics) of SEO. Plus, you can interact with industry professionals and get the best possible advice on everything SEO related.

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