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Unusual Pet Vets on mobile and tablet
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Who Are The Unusual Pet Vets
and What Do They Do?

The Unusual Pet Vets provide veterinary services for reptiles, birds, and small mammals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice and more. They only specialise in unusual specifes of pets, not more common choices such as dogs and cats.

How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

In the first month after the January 2020 launch of their new website, organic (SEO) traffic increased by a remarkable 60%!
In addition, conversion rates have increased substantially; leading to a huge increase in online bookings and enquiries.

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60% increase in the first month

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Use the sliders to compare the old Unusual Pet Vets website to the new, custom designed website by Digital Hitmen. Our digital marketing strategy resulted in:

  • Improved conversion rates using a range of custom designed call to actions
  • More bookings via an easier to use online booking service
  • Significantly improved tablet and mobile responsiveness
  • Substantial increase in online traffic by using targeted on-page SEO

Customer Testimonial

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