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Who is Rosie Rees?

Rosie is the founder of women’s nude yoga and a crystal sex toy entrepreneur. Her mission is to make every woman feel sexually empowered and confident in their own body.

Rosie offers a number of products on her website including yoni eggs, crystal wands, online courses, live events, and more.

She has a huge following on social media from her extensive work in the media. As such, she regularly blogs, records podcasts and offers live events Australia-wide.

Rosie approached Digital Hitmen with a simple goal. To significantly improve every part of her website. With the help of our renowned team of designers, developers and e-commerce experts, we delivered a website that is unparalleled in terms of performance, functionality and design.

How Did This Impact Online Sales?

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Despite thousands of visitors a month, Rosie’s previous website converted extremely poorly. Our main aim was to improve the shopping experience for her customers; making it easier and more secure to purchase.

In the first 7 days after launch, Rosie’s new website sold 100s of products and substantially eclipsed any previous week of sales for her business.

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Use the sliders to compare the old Rosie Rees website vs the new, custom designed Digital Hitmen website.

  • Fully customised e-commerce website with over 35 products, online courses, Australia-wide events and more
  • Complete makeover of all pages, banners and call to actions
  • Improved video and social media integration
  • Significantly more traffic as a result of improved Google search results

Get in touch with me

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