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Online Flooring Store on mobile and tablet
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What is the
Online Flooring Store?

Online Flooring Store is one of Australia’s largest flooring retailers. They sell a huge range of vinyl loose lay, hybrid, laminate and timber floors, as well as a large selection of blinds.

With an inventory of 1000+ products, state-of-the-art e-commerce functionality was paramount for this business. This, together with exceptional high-end design and SEO results from the Digital Hitmen team, has enabled the business to grow exponentially in late 2018 and beyond.

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Logo Creation

Needing more than a standard logo, Online Flooring Store briefed our in-house designer with their target market, product offering and preferred colour palate.

The result? A logo that stands out from other websites in this niche (and one that portrays the brand as Australia’s #1 in high-end flooring options for your home).

Online Flooring Store
Key features of the website
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Key Features

  • Video implementation to capture their audience
  • Team of highly experienced developers seamlessly handled the WordPress and WooCommerce (E-Commerce) integration
  • Strong, engaging content from Digital Hitmen’s team of copywriters that converts potential customers into real leads
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And More...

  • Interactive image gallery
  • Custom calculator that identifies the quantity of flooring required (based on the size and shape of room)
  • Optimised for all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Product filtering that enables customers to easily search for products based on price, colour, style, brand etc.
Customised e-commerce solution

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