4 Tips for Staying Healthy When You Do Much of Your Work Online

One of the greatest benefits of starting an MLM business is the freedom and flexibility to work from home. A lot of your work is done online. However, there are dangers that come with sitting for long periods every day and sitting for too long can have severe health consequences. You can suffer from eye strain, repetitive stress injury, and obesity (just to name a few) by working online for long periods.

The following are some tips for staying healthy when you do much of your work online:
Stand While Talking on the Phone

1. Stand While Talking on the Phone

One way to sit less during the day is to stand while talking to prospects and team members on the phone. You might feel weird at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you like to take notes while you talk on the phone, then consider buying a standing desk or recording the call. You could use a high counter if you’re unable to buy a standing desk.
Set Up Your Work Space Correctly

2. Set Up Your Work Space Correctly

To minimise strain on your body and help prevent repetitive stress injury, you should set up your computer correctly. The keyboard should be positioned in a way that your shoulders are relaxed and your elbows are at a 100 to 110 degree angle. Your hands and wrists should be straight when you type as well.

The top of your computer monitor should be 2-3 inches above eye level while you’re sitting. Those who wear bifocals will have to lower the monitor a bit for a more comfortable, ergonomic reading level. If you have a telephone at your desk, keep it as close within reach as possible. To further minimise strain, use a headset or speaker phone while talking.
Sit in Your Desk Chair Correctly

3. Sit in Your Desk Chair Correctly

It’s also important for your health to sit in your desk chair correctly. You’ll end up with back pain, headaches, or other aches and pains if you don’t sit with proper technique for working. Always keep your feet flat on the floor while sitting at your desk. Position the seat so that your knees are equal to or slightly lower than your hips. You should also recline the chair at a 100 to 110 degree angle and sit with your hips as far back as possible.
Commit to an Exercise Routine

4. Commit to an Exercise Routine

No matter what career you have, you should commit to an exercise routine to stay healthy. Some benefits of exercising include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, decreased chance of developing type II diabetes, improved mood, and improved cognitive skills. Exercising doesn’t have to take up much of your time. If you struggle to work out because it’s not enjoyable, experiment with different types of work outs. You can get your cardio in through playing in the backyard with your kids, team sports or hiking (rather than jogging around the neighbourhood). Make sure to include strength training exercises too; they’re just as important as cardio.

You’ll usually spend a lot of time working on a computer when you become a network marketer. Time spent learning online, building your website, and communicating with others online adds up. You must make sure that you set up your work station based on ergonomic principles and commit to an exercise routine. Standing while talking on the phone or completing other tasks can help as well by decreasing how much time is spent sitting.

Remember that you’ll enjoy your newfound wealth from MLM when you’re in good health.