IsaTonic Has Launched

Official Launch


My latest project, IsaTonic, has officially launched! The site was soft launched 2 weeks ago and is now fully up and running. I couldn’t be happier with the initial results and the way the site looks.

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Coming Soon – My Latest Project

My New Website!

Isagenix is all the rage here in Perth; with a number of my friends taking the products for their own health benefits, as well as taking part in the Isagenix Associate program to increase their income.


As such – I’ve decided to get on board and create a website of my own:

Launch Date

I expect IsaTonic to be launched at the end of January 2014. Stay tuned for more details!

Special Thanks

Special thanks must go to Sandi Matic of Isa Cleanse Perth for taking the time to explain the program and giving me the opportunity to enrol in Isagenix.

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Beat Your Competition Using Schema.Org

Higher Click Through Rates

As the SEO and E-Commerce Manager at Kitchenware Direct – I’ve just implemented a new feature on our site. While we previously had Schema.Org markup on all our product pages, we now have it on our top brand pages too (with implementation to follow for our smaller brands).

How does this affect us? Higher CTR in Google! Imagine seeing the organic listing for Scanpan below. With a high average rating and a huge number of reviews, as a customer you’re much more likely to click on this result than one of our competitors. Studies have proven that this increases CTR by up to 30%!

Schema.Org Read more

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Bring on 2014!

2013 Was a Great Year

I set a number of goals and although I didn’t achieve all of them I was very happy with the way 2013 panned out. Read more

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Capitalise on the Last Minute Shopping Bonanza!

Christmas Delivery Cut Off Segment Emails

We’ve all seen them. Almost all e-commerce sites have some sort of table specifying when customers should order by to guarantee delivery by Christmas. Well, here’s a simple tip for leveraging the most out of your customer database during Christmas shopping.

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3 Tips to Increase Conversions at Christmas

So, I’ve decided to post more regularly on my blog. Ideally, I’ll post 2-3 times a week with short, useful posts that others in the e-commerce industry can easily implement on their own website.

Increase Conversions at Christmas

First up – a few simple tips to increase orders during the busy Christmas shopping period. Read more

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Social Media for Retail Business [Video]

Social Media at the 2013 PeSA Internet Conference

Panel: Social Media for Retail Business
Chair: Aaron Cardwell (Quiksilver)
Presenters: Brad Russell (Kitchenware Direct), Sheridyn Fisher (Sheridyn Swimwear), Libby Cattalini (Crazy Sales) and Melanie Cramond (Tragic Beautiful)

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Click Frenzy, or Click Fail?

Click Frenzy – Mother’s Day 2013

Click Frenzy Sale

Recently the company that I work for, Kitchenware Direct, participated in the second Click Frenzy sale. We all remember the somewhat disastrous first Click Frenzy promotion back in November 2012. Their site crashed, #clickfail was born and there were serious questions about the future of the website.

Welcome to Click Frenzy Mark II. Read more

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Come Visit Me at the 7th Annual Professional eBay & eCommerce Sellers Internet Conference

One of my goals for 2013 was to speak at an Internet retailing conference. Good news – I’ve been given the task of speaking on a social media panel at the 7th Annual Professional eBay & eCommerce Sellers Internet Conference!

PeSA Ecommerce Conference

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How I Increased My Google+ Followers by 50% in 1 Month

Get More Google Plus Followers

You Simply Must be on Google+

I’ve made it no secret in the past that I’m a huge fan of Google+. It has some great benefits and features (which Google are continuing to roll out, such as the addition of Communities recently).

About 8 months ago I realised the many benefits of G+ and made it my goal to improve my Google+ profile and the number of followers I have. Initially, it was slow work. The first 200-odd followers took me approximately 7 months. I had to work hard to keep my profile active and not give in to the seemingly low amount of interaction on this relatively new social media platform.

During the last month, however, my followers have increased by 50%. Here’s how I did it: Read more

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