My Favourite SEO Blogs & Tools

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As SEO and e-commerce manager of a large online retailer, I often get asked by friends and colleagues what my favourite SEO resources are. There are a number of sites that I use and refer to on a daily basis. They’re a great place to start when learning the basics (and more advanced topics) of SEO. Plus, you can interact with industry professionals and get the best possible advice on everything SEO related.

My Top 4 SEO Blogs

  1. Moz Hands down the best SEO resource on the web. The offer a huge number of tools, a great online community (that I’m a proud member of) and a fantastic blog. Some recent contributors to their blog include Rand Fishkin, Pete Meyers, Michael King, Cyrus Shepard and a whole lot of others that I consider to be the who’s-who in SEO. I also suggest exploring some of their guides (such as their Beginner’s Guide as previously mentioned on my blog).
  2. Distilled Distilled are one of the world’s leading SEO agencies, with offices in Seattle, London and New York. Their blog offers some great articles on a host of topics, including social media, on-site optimisation, internet marketing, PPC, organic etc.
  3. Ross Hudgens – Ross doesn’t publish as often as the others, but when he does it’s well worth a read. Recent topics include keyword difficulty, link building using Twitter, SEO as a barrier to entry and more.
  4. SEO Book – Aaron Wall (the main contributor on this blog) is a little controversial at times, but I love his honesty. He always speaks his mind and gives you some great insights in to some of the more pressing issues in SEO.

Of course, there’s a huge number of quality SEO blogs out there. These are just some of my favourites – but by no means is this an exhaustive list of blogs that I refer to. Have a look at some of the top SEO sites, who contributes to them, what online presence they have and you’ll find some great resources.


My Favourite SEO Tools


SEMrush is the most comprehensive suite of SEO tools available. If you’re serious about monitoring your own keywords (and those of your competitors), try SEMrush today. It’s free to join!

SEMrush SEO Tools

Check out how easy their keyword analysis tool is to use. Simply enter any Australian website and you’ll get rankings, backlinks, keywords, traffic volume and much more in only a few seconds!

Link Assistant (SEO Powersuite)

This powerful all-in-one suite of SEO tools can be downloaded for absolutely free! Great for those on a low budget or just beginning their online business.

Link Assistant