Click Frenzy, or Click Fail?

Click Frenzy – Mother’s Day 2013

Click Frenzy Sale

Recently the company that I work for, Kitchenware Direct, participated in the second Click Frenzy sale. We all remember the somewhat disastrous first Click Frenzy promotion back in November 2012. Their site crashed, #clickfail was born and there were serious questions about the future of the website.

Welcome to Click Frenzy Mark II.

This Click Frenzy sale was based around Mother’s Day. Whilst offers/products didn’t have to cater specifically for all the wonderful mums out there, it was marketed around this central theme.

My Initial Thoughts

There were positives and negatives with the actual Click Frenzy website. The major positive compared to last year was obvious – the site didn’t crash! It was fast, looked good and from a retailer’s point of view; was easy to upload and edit the products we were offering.

Having said that, I still think there is room for improvement. Once the sale started there were so many different offers that it was hard to take them all in. We found ours hidden well down the page and out of view of most customers. In the future, I’d suggest they limit the number of retailers and provide customers with a better interface so they can easily sort through offers that are of interest to them. In addition, many of the offers weren’t mind blowing, thus limiting the overall appeal of the sale.

How We Maximised Click Frenzy Traffic and Sales

We expected (and found) the traffic to be significantly lower than last year. Thus, we had several strategies in place to maximise sales and customer acquisition:

  1. Capture new customers. Using a popup, we offered all new customers the chance to sign up to our newsletter and go in the draw to win a red KitchenAid mixer (a $699 prize!). This allowed us to capture a large number of email addresses in just a 24 hour period.
  2. Follow up new customers. We sent an email containing a special coupon code to all customers that signed up to our newsletter during this period. Not only does this encourage additional sales, importantly it connects with the customer for a second time. They are far more likely to purchase from us in the future.Click Frenzy Email
  3. Promote secondary products. Don’t just capture one sale – point customers in the direction of secondary items. For instance, we promoted our Mother’s Day gift guide and many of our customers purchased 2nd, 3rd and 4th items.
  4. Have backup products in case your original deals sell out. When you’re a customer, there’s nothing worse than clicking on an amazing deal only to find it’s sold out. When this occurred, we had similar products with dramatically reduced prices that we pointed customers toward; a win-win for all.
  5. Have contingency strategies in place. Last year when the Click Frenzy site went down, we were immediately on our social media pages pointing customers to our deals directly. We made it easy for our deals to be found – we even noticed a number of shopping sites with direct links to our deals when many other retailers were still left in the dark. This year, we had similar strategies in place; including a popup that we could easily turn on pointing all customers to our Click Frenzy deals.

My Suggestions for the Click Frenzy Team

I think Click Frenzy has a massive future in the Australian e-commerce marketplace. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s my suggestions:

  1. Limit the number of sales. I think the appeal of the site will wane if they continue to have so many sales. This year they are offering the Mother’s Day sale, a End of Financial Year sale, a Father’s Day sale and an end of year sale oddly named ‘Click Frenzy E-Carnivale’. I’d keep it to a maximum of 2 sales per year.
  2. Limit the number of retailers. There were so many retailers in each category that it was hard to sort through all the offers. I’d try and limit the number of retailers to about 50-70% of the current number.
  3. Ensure all deals are worthy. Click Frenzy should promote near cost-price deals. Having 10% off a certain range of t-shirts just doesn’t cut it. The deals should be carefully checked before going live on the site.
  4. Plan more in advance. We were only able to add our deals approximately 1 week before the sale, making buying/planning hard. We have to liaise with suppliers well before this, so give retailers as much time to plan as possible.

Overall, our experience was a positive one and we will definitely sign up again.