Capitalise on the Last Minute Shopping Bonanza!

Christmas Delivery Cut Off Segment Emails

We’ve all seen them. Almost all e-commerce sites have some sort of table specifying when customers should order by to guarantee delivery by Christmas. Well, here’s a simple tip for leveraging the most out of your customer database during Christmas shopping.

Christmas Delivery Cutoffs

If possible, segment your customers based on geographical location. At Kitchenware Direct we send a segment email to 5 groups of customers:

  1. Regional Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania
  2. Regional Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia
  3. Regional Western Australia
  4. All metro regions except Perth
  5. Perth

These emails are incredibly basic, but deliver huge results! By segmenting our customer data, we give our customers a sense of urgency (leading to increased purchases). Plus, we have the added bonus of less customer service issues because all our customers are well aware of when they should order for delivery in time for Christmas.

Christmas Shopping Email