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Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016

How I Get Free Flights, Every Year!

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$200 Travel Credit to Use on Flights, Hotels, Car Hire & More

December 2016 Update: American Express are no longer offering the previous free flight offer. The good news is they have replaced this offer with a $200 travel credit that can be used on flights, hotels, car hire, cruises and so on (you can see the full list of services and prices here).

This $200 credit covers the normal yearly cost of membership (the first year’s fee is waived anyway), plus you’ll get 15,000 bonus points and a card that gives you the most reward points of any comparable card in Australia! I have already used American Express rewards points to redeem FREE first class flights from Singapore to London (for 2 people) and FREE business class flights from Perth -> Dubai -> Budapest (return).


>> Give me my free $200 travel credit + 15,000 bonus points!


What Was the Existing Free Flights Offer?

The existing offer from American Express gave you 1 x free flight (return) in Australia per year.

What is it Now?

Now you get the following benefits with this card:

  1. A $200 travel credit every year
  2. 15,000 bonus points when you spend $750 on your card in the first 3 months
  3. No annual fee for the first year
  4. 0% p.a. on balance transfers for the first 12 months
  5. When you pay for travel on your American Express Card you receive free domestic and international travel insurance
  6. Earn 3 rewards points per dollar spent at major supermarkets, 2 rewards points per dollar spent at major petrol stations and 1 reward point per dollar spent on all other purchases (excluding utilities, insurance, telecommunication providers and government bodies in Australia, where you earn 0.5 reward points per dollar spent)
  7. Redeem your points for free international flights with any leading of their airline partner programs including Virgin, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airlines. Asia Miles can be used on Cathay Pacific, Qatar, British Airways, American Airlines and a host of other airlines.

And many more. Click here to see the full list of benefits.

Amex Partner Airlines

Free Flights in AustraliaWhat is the Catch?

Here’s the catch: Amex charges a $195 annual fee per year (except for the first year where the card is 100% FREE). That’s right, just $195 and you get a $200 travel credit every year that can be used for free flights, accommodation, car hire and more.

Essentially, you’re getting a free card every year, plus the ability to earn more points than you would with any other card. Plus, you get 15,000 bonus points just for signing up and spending $750 in your first 3 months.


>> Give me my free $200 travel credit + 15,000 bonus points!


Where Can Your Points Take You?

If you sign up to this offer, you’ll get 15,000 bonus points. Plus, if you refer friends and family you get another 10,000 bonus points per referral! Sign up 2 friends and you’ll already have 35,000 points and they’ll each have 15,000 points.

So where can this take you? 60,000 points will take you from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Los Angeles RETURN. 30,000 points will get you a free return flight from Perth to Singapore. The possibilities are endless. For accommodation or travel bookings click here.

I recently used 180,000 points to book 2 x first class tickets from Singapore to London. I enjoyed 14 hours of first class luxury on Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites


>> Give me my free $200 travel credit + 15,000 bonus points!


How Do I Apply for This Free Flights Offer?

Applying for this card (and the $200 travel credit/free flights in Australia offer) is easy and only takes 5 minutes. Simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to the American Express website. You’ll thank me later!











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Wednesday, Jul 06, 2016

5 Top Jobs for Working from Home

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Are you looking to escape the daily 9-to-5 grind? Tired of wearing a shirt and tie or high heels to the office? Will you be arrested in a road rage incident if you have to spend one more minute in rush hour traffic?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, it may be time to consider working from home. Building a career in which you never have to leave your home office (or even your couch, if that’s your style) can have incredible benefits on your happiness and on your financial health, if you do it the right way. I left my office job over two years ago and haven’t looked back; good luck convincing me to leave my new job that allows me to sleep in, go to the beach, and plan holidays around peak travel times!

Opportunities for work-at-home careers have increased dramatically with the rise of web-based companies. These five jobs allow you to set your own schedule, be your own boss, and make your own decisions about what’s best for your business.

1. Network Marketing

Want a legitimate opportunity to get rich quick without leaving your home? Start a network marketing business!

Multi-level marketing is a business model in which you sell products (cosmetics, coffee, health food etc) to your personal network of clients. To earn additional money, recruit members of your network to start their own businesses. A portion of their profits will work its way up to you, rapidly increasing your wealth!

Check out reputable companies like Isagenix. These companies make it easy to start a business with small start-up fees, and they provide you with a top-notch product that will be easy to market to your growing client base.

Choose a network marketing company that’s right for you and get started today! I did, and look where it’s lead me:

Isagenix 250K Club - Earn Big Money in a MLM Company

Read More >

Friday, Nov 09, 2012

Thailand – The Good, The Bad and the Downright Amazing

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I love Thailand. I’ve been many times and I’ll go again in the future. Whether it’s for its famous nightlife, it’s great food, the friendly Baht-to-Dollar ratio or the exceptional weather – Thailand is a holiday destination I just can’t get enough of.

Phi Phi Island Resort - View of the Beach

Phi Phi Island Resort – View of the Beach

As of late 2012, I’ve been to Thailand about 6 or 7 times (I lost count after the third!). The first 2 were purely for holidays with friends when I was young and definitely had the travel bug in me. The next 3 or 4 were primarily to visit my dad as he worked in Bangkok for an engineering firm and this trip was with extended family. Bangkok is absolutely crazy, but I won’t go in to detail in this review. I will say one thing though, if you get a chance to visit Thailand’s capital and spend a few nights there, take it up. It’s a city buzzing with action. Any more than a few days though and it can get a little tiresome.

So without further ado, here’s my latest Thailand holiday review.

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Wednesday, Aug 01, 2012

From Where I’d Rather Be

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A Collection of Places Where I’d Rather Be

From my adopted home of Perth, Western Australia, I’ve travelled a fair bit in my life. I’ve already travelled around Australia twice, Egypt, South Africa, New Zealand, large parts of Asia (including Thailand), various places in the USA (multiple times) and most of Europe (3 times) – but there’s still places I dream of visiting one day.

Within Australia I personally love the Margaret River wine region (check out for a romantic getaway spot), anywhere along the Queensland Coast and would LOVE to visit Tasmania soon. I’m very fortunate to have done so much travelling at a reasonably young age, but I haven’t finished yet!

This page is a collection of places that I one day hope to visit (or revisit).

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

Read More >

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