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When I quit my 9 to 5 job, I didn’t just experience financial growth; I experienced true freedom for the first time in my life. My journey as a self-employed entrepreneur has given me a valuable perspective on personal development and how to attain real, lasting happiness.

Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017

4 Tips for Staying Healthy When You Do Much of Your Work Online

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One of the greatest benefits of starting an MLM business is the freedom and flexibility to work from home. A lot of your work is done online. However, there are dangers that come with sitting for long periods every day and sitting for too long can have severe health consequences. You can suffer from eye strain, repetitive stress injury, and obesity (just to name a few) by working online for long periods.

The following are some tips for staying healthy when you do much of your work online:

1. Stand While Talking on the Phone

One way to sit less during the day is to stand while talking to prospects and team members on the phone. You might feel weird at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you like to take notes while you talk on the phone, then consider buying a standing desk or recording the call. You could use a high counter if you’re unable to buy a standing desk.

2. Set Up Your Work Space Correctly

Back painTo minimise strain on your body and help prevent repetitive stress injury, you should set up your computer correctly. The keyboard should be positioned in a way that your shoulders are relaxed and your elbows are at a 100 to 110 degree angle. Your hands and wrists should be straight when you type as well.

The top of your computer monitor should be 2-3 inches above eye level while you’re sitting. Those who wear bifocals will have to lower the monitor a bit for a more comfortable, ergonomic reading level. If you have a telephone at your desk, keep it as close within reach as possible. To further minimise strain, use a headset or speaker phone while talking.

3. Sit in Your Desk Chair Correctly

It’s also important for your health to sit in your desk chair correctly. You’ll end up with back pain, headaches, or other aches and pains if you don’t sit with proper technique for working. Always keep your feet flat on the floor while sitting at your desk. Position the seat so that your knees are equal to or slightly lower than your hips. You should also recline the chair at a 100 to 110 degree angle and sit with your hips as far back as possible.

4. Commit to an Exercise Routine

Having fun with kidsNo matter what career you have, you should commit to an exercise routine to stay healthy. Some benefits of exercising include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, decreased chance of developing type II diabetes, improved mood, and improved cognitive skills. Exercising doesn’t have to take up much of your time. If you struggle to work out because it’s not enjoyable, experiment with different types of work outs. You can get your cardio in through playing in the backyard with your kids, team sports or hiking (rather than jogging around the neighbourhood). Make sure to include strength training exercises too; they’re just as important as cardio.

You’ll usually spend a lot of time working on a computer when you become a network marketer. Time spent learning online, building your website, and communicating with others online adds up. You must make sure that you set up your work station based on ergonomic principles and commit to an exercise routine. Standing while talking on the phone or completing other tasks can help as well by decreasing how much time is spent sitting.

Remember that you’ll enjoy your newfound wealth from MLM when you’re in good health.

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Thursday, Feb 23, 2017

9 Habits of Successful Network Marketers

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Habits of Successful Network Marketers

What makes a network marketer successful? Ask five different people and you’ll receive slightly different answers, but what it boils down to is having the right habits in place. Habits either hold you back from accomplishing your goals or push you forward on the road to success. What your goals in life are determine what kind of habits you should cultivate. If you’re starting a network marketing business, then you’ll need to develop a few of the following network marketing habits:

1. Listen Closely

Because network marketing is people-oriented, you must learn how to listen closely to what prospects and partners say. You will have a better chance at closing a sale and working peacefully with others when you listen well. Good listening skills improve your understanding of others, the quality of your relationships, and your likability. Whenever you catch yourself thinking of how to respond to someone while they’re talking, return your focus on what they’re saying. Ask questions to make sure you understood what they said.

2. Keep Your Word

The most successful network marketers keep their word. When they say they’ll call you back on Thursday, you receive the phone call on Thursday, not on Friday. When they tell you that they’ll write a guest blog post for your website, you’ll see an email from them before the month is over. Network marketers are rarely late because they know the importance of keeping their word. If you read customer reviews from several small businesses, you’ll eventually find a business that has complaints about the business not doing what they said they would and lacking punctuality. You don’t want to do business with someone like that, so don’t be that person either.

3. Say Nice Things About Others

If you talk negatively about others on your website, social media, or in conversations, it can negatively affect your results. Many people prefer doing business with those who have a positive mindset and don’t talk badly about others. Constructive criticism is necessary sometimes when you’re trying to help a member of your downline improve, but always be mindful of how you deliver that criticism. It’s a good idea to first point out something positive, then give the constructive criticism. And wrap up on a positive note. This tactic makes what you say more digestible.

4. Focus on One Thing at a Time

You can improve your productivity by focusing on one thing at a time. It’s tempting to multitask when things get hectic, but multitasking actually takes more of your time and energy. According to Arthur Markman, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, splitting your attention among different tasks is taxing on the brain and can decrease productivity. A few people are good at multitasking but most aren’t. If you feel stressed and burned out or make frequent mistakes, then it’s better to focus on one thing at a time. Focusing on the person you’re communicating with is especially important in network marketing because it makes them feel valued.


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Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

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Every new year, many New Year’s resolutions fall short within the first few months. It’s not due to lack of desire or lack of intention. The reason why many people don’t fulfill their resolutions is because they don’t know how and don’t write them down.

Don’t be down on yourself if 2016 didn’t go the way you had hoped. If you implement the following advice, 2017 will be your best year yet! After through trial-and-error of my own, I have learned how to achieve my New Year’s resolutions, which I prefer to call “yearly goals”. And I can help guide you to accomplishing what you want this year too by sharing the most crucial tips for making 2017 your best year yet.

Set and Track Goals

The very first thing you should do to make 2017 your best year yet is write down your top three to five goals for the year. Then, schedule in your calendar when to check on your progress toward your goals to help remind you and stay on track. Monitoring and tracking your progress is a step some people forget to take when setting goals, which often leads to the goal not being accomplished.

2017 Goals

Use the S.M.A.R.T. method when setting goals. S.M.A.R.T. stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. Time-bound means that you set a date by which to achieve the goal. An example of a goal that’s specific is to earn $10,000 in one month. A goal that’s too general is earn a lot of money. You have a greater chance at making a lot of money if you know exactly how much counts as a lot of money to you.

Once you have written down your top goals for the year, include the reasons why you want to accomplish those goals. Whenever you feel like giving up, look over the reasons why you want to achieve the goals. Perhaps, you want to provide a better life for your family. Maybe you want to start feeling energised each day in order to enjoy life more. Or you don’t want to let down someone who believes in you and supports you. List as many reasons as you want.

The next step in successful goal setting is to break it down into manageable chunks over the course of the year. For instance, if your goal is to reach a six figure income, it can feel overwhelming to not break it up into smaller steps necessary for reaching that level. Think about what action steps are necessary for accomplishing your goals and schedule them in your calendar or planner.

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Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

Is Your Spouse Stopping You From Achieving?

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Disclaimer: I’ll put this at the top of the post so I don’t get in trouble at home! My partner, Nicole, is incredibly supportive of all my business ventures.

Is Your Spouse Stopping You?

Spouses FightingA common problem people face when they try changing careers is dissatisfaction from their spouses. Their significant others may refuse to let them start a business or change careers. If you’re stuck in this difficult situation, then continue reading to learn why your spouse is stopping you from achieving (it’s not as bad as you might think) and what you can do about it, so that you both are happy. I haven’t personally been in this situation before but I have worked with people who have had this struggle and learned a few things from them to help others.

Think about the Real Reason They’re Resisting Your Change

First, you must understand why your spouse isn’t supportive of your dreams. Usually, it’s not for a malicious reason and has more to do with them than you. There are five core reasons a spouse doesn’t believe in your business:

  1. It will change your family’s routine
  2. It brings their deep-seated fears to the surface
  3. It goes against what they believe and value
  4. It requires a level of faith that they are too afraid to have
  5. It painfully reminds them that they’re stuck in their own career that they don’t like
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Monday, Feb 15, 2016

8 Products That I Use Every Day for My Home-Based Businesses

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One thing that I didn’t realise when I transitioned from working in an office to working from home was how much I would come to rely on certain products and services (you can see my full list of recommended online marketing and SEO websites/tools here). In an office, your infrastructure is built in – your company likely provides your computer and other basic supplies. However, when you begin working from home you are responsible for everything from pens and paper to your mobile phone and workstation.

In my day-to-day life I balance the needs of several business ventures in addition to my personal interests, hobbies, and relationships. To meet the needs of these various responsibilities, there are several things that I’ve come to rely on:

1. Daily To-Do Pad

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about writing out my to-do list that focuses my goals and increases my productivity. This affordable to-do pad is easy-to-use, well organised, and provides enough pages for three months of regular workweeks. The manufacturing company, Mass Market Paperbacks, produces a number of similar items that can help organise everything from your grocery list to meeting agendas. I’m all about organisation – take the extra time to plan at the start and you’ll reap the rewards in the end!

2. Dry-Erase Calendar

Along the same line as my previous suggestion, I have this calendar in my home office. Any network marketing product that can help you keep your eye on long-term goals is a great thing to have; this calendar is the perfect size for me to see my appointments from across the room, but it’s not so huge that it dominates the wall.

3. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

As I’ve covered in previous posts, working from home means that your office can be everywhere from the local coffee shop to the beach to the cabin of a long-haul flight. While I love the freedom of being able to work anywhere in the world, it does involve a lack of control over my office environment. My workday occasionally involves fighting against loud people and ambient noise, which is why I don’t travel without noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones offer excellent sound and do a great job of tuning out the outside world!

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Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016

19 Network Marketing Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

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I strongly believe that with the right mindset and work ethic, anyone can build and maintain a thriving network marketing/MLM business. However, as I’ve worked to develop my own network marketing career, I’ve come across a number of network marketing books and entrepreneurial books that have inspired or guided me on the path to success.

Some of these books are specific to the network marketing and MLM industry, while others deal more broadly with entrepreneurship or self-improvement. They are all valuable to any aspiring business leader or home-based entrepreneur. All of the books on this page can be purchased securely and quickly through Amazon.

You can also read more about my network marketing journey in my free eBook:


MLM/Network Marketing Books


1. Magnetic Sponsoring – Mike Dillard

This network marketing book is a must-have for network marketers who worry about finding new leads for their MLM business. Rather than supplying overused techniques for lead generation, Mike Dillard offers practical advice on how to change your mindset and presentation to magnetically draw people to you and your business. Since starting his network marketing career in 2006, Dillard has earned over 50 million dollars between his successful financial education programs and entrepreneurial ventures.

2. Go Pro – Eric Worre

Eric Worre’s network marketing book was the guide most often recommended to me by other MLM professionals, and with good reason. His seven-step guide to building a successful network marketing business helped inform many of the decision that I made in my first three months of building my Isagenix business. Go Pro will give you everything you need to transition from an amateur businessperson to a professional network marketer.

3. The Four Year Career – Richard Bliss Brooke

Like Eric Worre’s Go Pro, The Four Year Career is an essential MLM book, penned by industry superstar Richard Bliss Brooke. The author focuses not only on the necessary steps for building a multi level marketing business, but also on the missteps to avoid and untrue myths that could sidetrack your success. His MLM book ends with a series of “true stories” highlighting some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the MLM industry.

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Monday, Sep 07, 2015

How to Live the Life You Really Want

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Live Your Ideal Life

We all think about it. Are we truly living the life that we REALLY want for ourselves? Everyone has a different set of ideals and a different path to happiness. These four big ideas can help anyone get closer to the life they want.

1. Do Something You Love Every Day

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Good advice, but sometimes it’s not realistic to expect to be paid for your passion. Regardless of whether or not you love your job, make time every day to do something that you are truly passionate about. Whether it’s spending time with family, exercising, or spending time outdoors, don’t compromise on making your passions a huge part of your life. It’s easy to get bogged down in work or day-to-day stresses; making your needs a priority is a key to living a happy life.

2. Identify the Things That Make You Unhappy

Sometimes it’s hard to recognise the aspects of your life that are keeping you from being happy. Toxic relationships, bad habits and unfulfilling jobs can all stand in the way of living the life you want. If you can identify what is bringing you the most unhappiness, you can then work to get rid of the problem and replace it with something better. You may be stuck in a rut and unable to pinpoint exactly what’s bringing you down – in this case, ask a close friend that you trust what might be bringing you unhappiness. Your friends want to see you thrive and will be happy to gently point you toward self-improvement.

3. Look for New Opportunities for Joy

Everyone has something that they love, whether it’s a person, a band, or a sports team (I’m a HUGE fan of the West Coast Eagles, for example). People that are constantly happy often have several things that they love and are always on the lookout for new passions. Be open to new experiences and enjoy them with new friends. Try to encourage yourself to constantly break out of your comfort zone and you may find something new that excites you. Feeding your many passions will keep you entertained for decades.

4. Reflect

To truly understand the life you want and how to achieve it, you must start by understanding yourself. Take time to reflect on your successes and heartbreaks; as this introspection will bring clarity to your goals and desires. It’s impossible to live a life without sadness or anger or fear, but taking time to examine what led you to these emotions can help to minimise their role in your life. Likewise, reflecting and celebrating the joy in your life may give you the key to finding more of it.

Want more tips to help you lead your ideal life? See these 21 secrets to living the life of your dreams.

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Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

What Does 2015 Hold for Me?

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2014 – A Fantastic Year!

  1. I quit my job of 5 years at Kitchenware Direct. I had some really good memories there and learned a lot about e-commerce and online marketing, but it was time to move on and explore new business opportunities
  2. I ventured into network marketing Australia for the first time. I can’t believe an industry like this exists! I get to sell products I am passionate about, work the hours I want to work (from home or anywhere else in the world) and I’m setting myself up financially for life. I finished the year as the highest enroller in Isagenix in Australia and started my own Organo Gold business (which is still very much in its infancy). Multi level marketing has its other perks too; tonight I’m heading off for a 5-star all expenses paid trip to Cambodia courtesy of Isagenix!
  3. Together with a business partner, we started our own e-commerce site. Buji Tea aims to be one of Australia’s top weight loss and detox tea websites by the end of 2015. Exciting times ahead for a product we truly believe in!

2015 Goals

Goals for 2015

  1. Continue to be the #1 enroller in Australia for Isagenix
  2. Develop 5 new Crystal Executives in Isagenix, all earning a multiple 6 figure residual income. Contact me for more details on network marketing in Australia – it really is the best industry in the world!
  3. Make a substantial secondary income from Organo Gold and be Australia’s top ranking (independent distributor) website for the term ‘Organo Gold’
  4. Buji Tea to become one of the top 3 websites in Australia selling weight loss and detox teas

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