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Make the Money You’ve Earned in Network Marketing Work for You

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Have you found success in network marketing but now find yourself asking, okay what’s next? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of successful entrepreneurs ahead of you have asked the same question, myself included.

As of now, you’re a business owner. You have Web properties, assets, and people working to make you money day in and day out. Your money should work for you too.

Sure, the banks have stabilised, but you don’t want to earn a paltry 2% a year. Real estate is on the rise, but who knows when the next bubble might burst?

Plus, flipping homes or owning rental properties involves a whole lot of time, stress, and headaches. Like Robert Kiyosaki explains in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” you need to become an investor.

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In this book, Kiyosaki discusses cash flow quadrants. While he is on record as being a huge fan and avid promoter of the network marketing business model, he explains this as being in the B Quadrant along with other business owners.


Cashflow Quadrant

According to Kiyosaki and virtually every successful person the world has ever known, you should strive to be in the I Quadrant as an investor and make your money work for you.


Modern Investing – Much More Than Mutual Funds

From lunchboxes to railroad ties, modern investing involves much more than the DOW, S&P, and ASX 200. In fact, there are thousands of alternative investments, giving you the ability to broaden your portfolio and earn a healthy ROI.

Today, one of the best alternative investments is cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Etherium, the price of cryptocurrency is exploding as we speak. One year ago, you could purchase a Bitcoin for $741 USD. Now, the price has climbed to over $9,350 USD ($12,344 AUD)!

Price of Bitcoin

This is just one example of the possibilities at your fingertips when you decide to hop onboard the money train enroute to the I Quadrant. Here’s a closer look at cryptocurrencies and a few more smart investments for today’s savvy entrepreneurs:

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