Beat Your Competition Using Schema.Org

Higher Click Through Rates

As the SEO and E-Commerce Manager at Kitchenware Direct – I’ve just implemented a new feature on our site. While we previously had Schema.Org markup on all our product pages, we now have it on our top brand pages too (with implementation to follow for our smaller brands).

How does this affect us? Higher CTR in Google! Imagine seeing the organic listing for Scanpan below. With a high average rating and a huge number of reviews, as a customer you’re much more likely to click on this result than one of our competitors. Studies have proven that this increases CTR by up to 30%!


Looks Great, How Can I Do This?

Not sure what Schema.Org is? This FAQ on outlines the basics. Basically, you’re adding markup to pages that you want search engines to display certain information from (in this case average customer rating and total number of reviews). The code will look something like this:

Schema.Org Code

Note: If you’re still confused – Moz have a great article on Schema.Org and various ways it can be used.

Make it Visible!

When implementing Schema.Org on your own website, make sure that the data is visible to customers. This will ensure that the information is displayed in search engines. Plus – it’s a great way of conveying trust to your customers and showcasing how many reviews a particular brand has.

Scanpan Reviews

Questions on Schema.Org?

If you have any questions regarding Schema.Org, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m also available for SEO consulting and have a list of recommended SEO tools should you wish to increase organic traffic to your website using this and a number of other proven methods.