I’m Now in the Top 200 at SEOmoz!

I’m a proud member of the SEOmoz community. In my opinion – it’s the best resource on the internet for anything SEO related. SEOs and ecommerce managers can interact and get fast solutions to complex (and not so complex) questions.

This week, I have entered the top 200 in SEOmoz’s Top Ranked Members list. I’m pretty proud of this, considering some of the big names on the list (Danny Dover, Brent Payne, Danny Sullivan, Ross Hudgens and many more). Hey, even the great Yoast is a few spots behind me!

Brad Russell - Ecommerce Manager

Next stop, the top 100!

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  1. Jason Nelson says:

    Congrats Brad. That is a fantastic accomplishment. I’m not active on Moz but do you think the quality of the community has maintained its high level or dipped a bit over the past year?

    • Brad Russell says:

      Hi Jason, thanks for the kind words.

      To be honest, I’ve only been an active member for about a year so I can’t really comment on how it the quality has differed over time.

      The people on the forum are great – a lot are willing to go out of their way to help. I’ll certainly continue to use it daily.


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